quinta-feira, 13 de novembro de 2008



My name is Alessandro and I'm 24 years old.I'm in the 8th semester of the course.I observed 2 classes at Santa Helena.One was a 6th grade class with 26 students around 10-11 years old.Another was a 8h grade class with 15 students around 13-14 years old.In the first day i intered in the classrooms,i was afraid of being rejected but,after the teacher presented me to the students,this fear was gone.One studend of the 6th grade class gave me an adhesive tape.The teacher uses a traditional method in the classes.Usually,she writes the content in the board and gives grammatical exercises to the students.She makes the correction of these exercises in the next class and,after 3 or 4 classes,applies a test.I had some freedom to help her in some activities like,for example,"o livro de vocabulário".I also helped during the "festa junina" of the school.What impressed me and scared me at the same time was the energy of the students.They were very noisy,always calling the teacher or asking many times something already told.In general,this experience was good.

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