quinta-feira, 2 de outubro de 2008

I'm Nathalia, I'm in the 6th semester, I LOVE English and I have been studying it for almost 10 years!
Now, I'll tell you a little bit about my experience at Coronel Pilar last semester.
I started observing classes in a 5th-grade group but I was reminded by the teacher from the very beginning that I shouldn't be just a 'visitor' in her classes. I was supposed to participate and every time I had an interesting activity to help in class I could bring and show her and maybe we could use it. After some weeks (one or two I think!) I showed her an activity about colors that Daiane and I had prepared once and she really liked it. For my surprise, she asked ME to do the whole activity with them. It was very nice, of course I was nervous, but it was my first experience with a big group. And after this time, every time I took some activity to show her I would do it with the students by myself.
I have been satisfied with my work but I'm sure there's still A LOT to learn. Even though students are very cooperative in most of the activities, it's difficult to keep them quiet or even to have some respect from them since I am young and almost their size!!
Well, I think that's it!
If you have any comments or suggestions, you are welcome!

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Suzi Reis disse...

Hi, Nathi,
It is really nice to know about you and to read about your experiences in your training. I hope we can share a lot of experiences and that I can help you with strategies to keep your students a little bit quiet! :)
It is just the beginning..Be motivated and do the best you can!!
See ya around!