segunda-feira, 27 de outubro de 2008

Hello everybody!

I'm Andréia, I'm supposed to be in the 8th semester and I've been studying English for 16 years, starting when I was 5 yrs old. Since then, English, and languages in general, has been one of my passions.
Since I've started observing classes I have gone through 3 different schools. First, I observed some classes at E.M. Vicente Farencena, Camobi, in a 5th grade and it was a really nice experience.
In last semester I observed two 1st year groups of nocturne High School at Coronel Pilar, a totally different context.
There were only 4 students in one of the groups I observed and they were not always the same ones. However the teacher was very happy to teach them and they (not all) were really interested in learning English. Since the beginning I helped her to monitor the students when they were doing exercises and also helped them to solve doubts.
Then, in this semester I changed school, again, and I'm observing classes in a 2nd year group at Cilon Rosa, also nocturne. The first thing I notice when I first entered the school is that it really seemed like a school context, different from Coronel Pilar (in the context I'd observed). I've just observed two classes but I'm really happy with the school and the teacher, she is very nice and has already asked me to help her in classes and if I may be avaiable to substitute her when she has to miss some classes.
That is it for now! =D
Thank you all...


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