segunda-feira, 29 de setembro de 2008

Tarefa a distância 1 - Apresentação no blog e relato de experiência

Hello Guys, h r u today?

Welcome to our blog!!

Your first task in this blog is to introduce yourself, saying who you are and telling us about your previous experience at school during your first training. What have you done at school? Were you observing? tutoring?

To do your first task, first of all, you have to accept the invitation I sent to you by e-mail to join our collective blog. So, go to check your e-mail!! If you haven´t receive it, send me an email asking about the invitation to join our blog!!!

In this space we are going to interact and to exchange information about your experience with your training and we are also going to discuss some theory. So, it is important to you to join us!!

See ya around,


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