segunda-feira, 6 de outubro de 2008

Hello! My name is Daiane, and I am in th 6th semester.

I am doing my "estágio" at Coronel Pillar, with a 6th grade group.
It is being nice. since the begging I am no just observing the classes, but also helping the teacher. The teacher always ask for suggestions and opinions about the classes and activities, so sometimes I bring some activities to do with the students, and she already gave me the opportunity to do some activties with the students.
I am always walking around the class, helping the students who need.
Of course sometimes I feel nervous and insecure, becuase it is a big group (around 30) and they talk a lot, but it is nice.
it is a great experience!

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Suzi Reis disse...

Hi, Daiane!
It is the way to begin...insecurity is something that will be with us in the first years of teaching...but we learn a lot with experiences and practice..Keep helping the teacher..and try to do your best while you are there!! :)
See ya around!