sexta-feira, 12 de dezembro de 2008

By the way...

My name's Natália, I'm 21 years old and I hope to graduate this year, since I'm moving from Santa Maria. I've had some problems on my previous experiences concerning 'estágios' I and III, but nowadays I think it was so lovable (lovable as hell in that time hehe). Now, I'm taking 'estágios' II and IV. All of them I did at Margarida Lopes in Camobi. I teach for ensino médio but I fortunetly taught for ensino fundamental. I loved this both, although the second one was a bit more complicated.
I did both 'estágios' at the same time and I still don't have any evaluation about that. Maybe in ten years I would regret. Maybe not.

That's it guys.
Hope you have a nice weekend.
Mine wont!

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Francisca Machado disse...

My name is Francisca, I am in the 6th semester of the language course. In this semester I observe a class in the 6th grade at Vicente Farencena School. This class has 30 students. The class was not difficult to deal, but the students are very shy to participate in oral activities. I walked around the room in order to help the students to do the exercises during classes; it was very nice for me.
The better experience with this class was to apply the activities that I make. I took a music “skater boy” sung by Avril Lavigne in order to work listening and reading activities in class. The students seem to like it. They were very curious with the activities because the teacher never work with music in this class.
So it was a great experience for me and for them.